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More About Us

  • Congregation Havurah is a Jewish community that responds to a continuing need among us for a personal and meaningful religious experience within the context of a small group of families who are committed to:

  • The community experience as an integral part of our spiritual life. 

  • An inclusive community that repects the dignity and equality of all people and wel¬comes all who seek Jewish values in their lives.

  • Ultimate freedom of individual thought with acceptance of and respect for a broad range of religious beliefs and practices within the framework of Reform Judaism.

  • Affirmation of the Torah as a record of the Jewish people’s search for eternal values and as a continuing source of inspiration and guidance.

  • A strong emphasis on family involvement in congregational activities. 

  • The quest for Jewish meaning and consciousness in all aspects of our daily lives. 

  • The incorporation of Jewish rituals, traditions and customs that enrich our com¬munity experience and our personal lives. 

  • Encouragement of education, experiences, and cultural arts that strengthen Jew-ish heritage among ourselves, our families and our community.

  • The application and implementation of Jewish ethical principles in the search for solutions to problems of human injustice through social action, charitable ef-forts, and respect for our environment.

  • Affirmation of the right of the State of Israel to exist and prosper, fulfilling a vision of the State of Israel that promotes full civil, human and religious rights for all its inhabitants and that strives for a lasting peace between Israel and its neighbors. 

  • Encouragement of mutually respectful dialog with people of other faiths and cul¬tures in the hope that together we can bring peace, freedom and justice to our world.

  • An atmosphere which will promote meaningful participation of each member and maintain a sense of intimacy and personal involvement. 

  • We share a deep conviction that the essence of Judaism has an abiding relevance to our lives and to our relationships with others.