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Jewish Calendar of Holidays and Havurah Events
May 1-(Sunday) Yom Hashoah Observance at TBZ (1PM to 3PM)

May 1 - (Sunday) Commemoration of the Life of Ann Jacobson at the UU Church

May 5 (Thursday) Rev. Michelle Buhite of the UU Church is extending a
welcome to Havurah to attend 

Thursday, May 5, 6:45 pm Emerson Room (Light dinner at 6PM)

As part of our observance of Yom Hashoah (Holocaust Remembrance), we will
watch the film, Two Who Dared: The Sharps' War. This film, released
independently in 2013, chronicles the lives of Unitarian minister, Waitstill 
Sharp, and his wife Martha, who left behind the safety of their home in
Wellesley, MA and flew to war-torn Europe (1939). They risked their lives 
to help feed, shelter, and rescue thousands of refugees, including anti-Nazi 
dissidents and Jews. For their work in Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia and
Vichy France, the Sharps have been recognized as 'Righteous Among the
Nations' at Yad Vashem - the highest recognition accorded by the state of
Israel to non-Jews who risked their lives to save Jews during WW2. They are
two of only three Americans to be so honored.

May 6-(Friday) Mini Dinners

May 8 (Sunday). 6PM Havurah is sponsoring The Mentsch at the Jewish Film
Festival. This is at the Amherst Dipson Theater 3500 Main St. Buffalo, NY
(this year there are no films at the Benderson Center)

May 12 (Thursday) 6:30 Havurah Board Meeting at the UU Church

May 15 (Sunday) Adult Ed at the Reicherts 11AM-on the Mentch Movie.

May 25-Book club at Lepies

May 27 (Friday) at 7:30PM Shabbat Service and Congregational Meeting at
the UU Church.