What Does Havurah Mean?

Havurah means "friend." We have been described as a group of people who care about one another.

"That's what I felt when you were all so supportive during the loss of my Dad. The services you performed and your condolences will long be remembered."

Congregation Havurah began with a small group of people who yearned for something different and more personal, something that transcended the boundaries of religious philosophy, a building, or a rabbi -- a way to address social issues, and place religion in the context of both the Jewish community and the greater community.
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Thoughts on Hurricane Sandy
Shalom and Welcome!
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Our hearts go out to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Below is a prayer addressing disasters that are difficult for us to comprehend.

Praised be the Lord of Imperfection

Praised be the Lord of Imperfection.

Your flaws are everywhere:
In the elm's unbalanced foliage
and the asymmetric faces of Your creatures.

You form the ripping floods
that tear the forests
and bend tornadoes in a twisted dance.

The lion is blotched with age and mud,
and the Shabbas silverware lies stained
as a reminder.

Praised be Your Torah of scratches and scars.

Praised be Your discolorations,
for they are puzzles and poems
of your sacred character.

-Danny Siegel

To donate visit http://urj.org/socialaction/issues/relief/hurricanes.